Listen & Protect



iPhone augmented case

The smartphone accessories market is growing steadily. Sales of accessories, shells, protection, headsets… accounted for billion in 2012, it exceeds billion in 2017 helped by tablets, phablets and other communicating objects accessories.

In the wake of the craze for Apple, Samsung, HTC. Manufacturers are developing ever more trendy accessory ranges. For proof whereas for a traditional telephone the expense in accessory was lower than 30 euros, for a smartphone, the accessories represent an average basket of almost 60 euros by apparatus.

From this need and this thriving market, we had the idea to meet a daily need and create iPhone cases with integrated & retractable headphones. The headphones will no longer detach but would be an extension of the case via a mechanism that allows them to roll/unroll easily while protecting them.

Listen & Protect is a fictional project initiated by Laure Mayoux. The role of EDDS Design was to define the style of the shell, to model the complete system by respecting the specifications of the iPhone accessories and to create the key visuals for the diffusion of the project.

Okeenea – aBeacon
Lheritier – Cat Eye camera
Modjaw – Tech In Motion
Adele H – Phoenix Piano