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TAO – Surgery Assistance Device

Perfect Alignment // TAO is a navigation station that helps surgeons in knee implant operations. Composed of a camera, a tactile tablet, tracking sensors attached to the patient and measurement instrumentation, this tool accompanies surgeons in the precision of the protocol allowing the positioning of the tools for cutting bone structures with a accuracy of 0.33°.

This device designed by the agency on behalf of Lapé Medical, specialized in the manufacture of surgical equipment, contributes to the perfect alignment of the knee, hip and ankle, promoting postoperative patient comfort and increasing the durability of the implant.

Our designers studied gesture during surgery to improve the ergonomics of tools and interface. The products as well as their locations in the operative space have brought a real comfort to the surgeon, which for the patient, translates very quickly in increased security.

TAO – Surgery Assistance Tablet

Designing an HMI (Human Machine Interface) in a surgical universe requires thinking about the different use cases, anticipating reading errors that can be fatal for the patient. It is in this desire for precision that we have developed the ergonomics and graphics of the TAO tablet.

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