Bodyscoring tracker

uPulse is a trademark of the Esphi company based in La Ciotat. Esphi is a French company created in 2008 that specializes in the design, creation and development of connected solutions adapted to the needs of the healthcare, well-being and sport sector.

Their connected sports-health solutions, composed of devices controlled by “smart” algorithms, allow an analysis and an interpretation of the human movement insitu (heart rate, muscular activity, geolocation, movement of body segments, …), all connected to a large array of business applications available to professionals and consumers.

The Bodyscoring project is an all-in-one fitness and wellness coaching solution, powered by smart devices. This solution is adapted to the members of fitness center, Spa, Thalasso, companies and for clinical use. With this solution, customers of these centers are analyzed easily, quickly and individually.

We had to imagine a housing exceeding the expectations for this Start’up. In the midst of the gadget looking universe of sports sensors, our device needed a real language, a strong identity to stand out while respecting the values ​​of the brand and of the athlete. So we opted for a flexible design, playing on a textured diamond bearing the signature of the range.



Light interface

We created a sensor allowing among other things to measure the level of stress of a person, it was therefore unthinkable to integrate a communication through a screen or invading pictograms, let alone a sound language.

We therefore imagined and put in place a light language through carved diamonds. A series of light figures brings the desired messages to athletes and especially their coaches.

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