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Agencys Highlights

EDDS Design celebrates 30 years, the age of reason?

Not really, we are proud and happy to celebrate 30 years of exchanges, projects, discussions and success.

We reinvent ourselves every year, is that perhaps the secret of our youth?


Brand new website for the agency.

Since the 2000s, our site, precursor at the time, had not changed much. It was therefore time for us to offer you a showcase of the agency in line with the quality services we offer our clients. It is done, a responsive and attractive site which, hopefully, you will like.


EDDS Design’s amazing end of year

A beautiful end of the year for EDDS Design, innovation agency and design laboratory, which harvests a handful of professional distinctions: a Janus awarded by the IFD (Institut Français du Design) and three Stars of the Observeur of Design awarded by the APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation).

These awards illustrate the diversity of the commitments of the Lyon agency, specializing in product design, design thinking and ecodesign. The award winning innovations cover the fields of home automation and services, connected urban signage, medical devices … and even musical instrument, with the first electronic folding piano!


Partnership with Poralu Marine.

We have been working for more than 10 years with PORALU Marine, a partnership that has made possible the evolution of its entire range of pontoons and accessories. To go further in strategic innovation, we decided to bind ourselves even more. It is a win/win association that opens up new opportunities for the agency, notably internationally.


A new home.

Close to the train stations and park Tête d’Or, the team settles in the heart of the 6th arrondissement of Lyon.


Opening of the PACA office in La Ciotat.

The region PACA is a land rich in innovation, this new territory deserved to have a commercial representation for the agency. In order to be as close as possible to our customers, we have settled in the offices of our accomplice OPERA Ergonomie.


EDDS Design is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a new corporate identity.


Launch of the first ‘EDDS Design’ marketed product.

The Coffin’pet is a coffin for small animals.
To de-dramatize in the eyes of your children the loss of your small domestic animal.
The Coffin’pet is entirely bio-degradable.
It consists of a PLA or cellulose shell and a printed cardboard.


A new pilot for EDDS Design.

Emmanuel DELARUE sets out to China by creating NDA New Design Associates in Shanghai and return to architecture.
Eric DENIS, designer and head of Industrial Design for 6 years, takes over the management of the agency.


La Cigale – Tivoly

This screwdriver case for TIVOLY allowed us to win our first star in the Observeur of the design of the APCI.

But moreover this little cicada has allowed TIVOLY to exceed its sales objectives. It is therefore a real success of esteem for the agency and a commercial success for our client.

1989 à 2003

The agency moves from the slopes of the Croix-Rousse to the Perrache district and finally settles in an open space of 800 m2 in the district of Gerland, allowing its 45 employees to flourish.


GPA Gallet helmet.

This helmet designed for the gendarmerie, in partnership with the company GPA Gallet, is one of the first studies carried out by the team of EDDS Design.

A real success for this first modular helmet which has surely traveled millions of kilometers on the head of gendarmes on motorcycle.


Creation of the EDDS Design Agency.

Emmanuel DELARUE, newly graduated from the Lyon School of Architecture in 1987, decides to create an innovation agency in Global Design.


For more than 25 years the agency has informed you about its successes.

Here we suggest you to plunge into our past, some creations have aged but it is this story that makes the strength of the team.


The Dzine is a fanzine that we used to send by mail to inform you of the news of the agency.

This fanzine has allowed you to stay in contact with our clients.


In the age of the internet and digital medias, the Ti-Dzine replaced its ancestor the Dzine.

Quick email news when we have time.