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EDDS Design’s STUDIO, through an inclusive analysis will collect and understand your issues. Follows, a process of creative ideation allowing the conceptualization, validation and industrialization of your product.

Inclusive analysis

All our studies begin with a launch meeting to analyze your specifications. This meeting with all of your project teams (management, marketing, design manager, production manager …) is essential to put in motion a dynamic of innovation.

Our know-how is to transform your specifications into a redefinition of your need, through moodboards, benchmark of competing products/brands and an analysis of your brand values. We will define together the Design specifications necessary for the successful conduct of the Industrial Design study.

It is around this document that we will build your future products that will ‘of course’ look nice, but above all in line with your cost objectives and the expectations of your market.

Creative process

Designing an innovative product means understanding and adjusting the cursor of innovation: a well thought out product is not necessarily the one that will be found in trend magazines, but one that will be bought by the greatest number.

The creativity of the agency therefore adapts to the different universes that we face, for example, a medical device for surgery does not have the same need in creativity as a toy manufactured in China.

It is the alchemy between style and concept that our designers master perfectly!

Concept validation

It is not enough to just draw an object, it is also necessary to have the tools to represent it.

Realistic computer generated images, meaning, incorporating possible injection or manufacturing constraints, are indispensable in order to avoid a gap between the creativity phase and the industrialized product.

Also, one can not decide to launch a production and hundreds of thousands of euros of investment without validating volume, ergonomics, perception of color: a foam model or the use of rapid prototyping technologies is essential to the method of the Studio.

Technical development

The most delicate phase in a design process is the transfer of files between our designers and the technical offices that take the next steps towards industrialization.

It is for this reason that we use only CAD software (Solidworks) to integrate in our design skins a maximum of industrial constraints (demoldability, assembly, respect of volumes and weight of materials …).

Our objective, in each of our studies, is to deliver files that can be used directly by your manufacturers.


We are used to consider all projects, which go through the Studio, like our “babies”; it is for this reason that we follow you until their complete industrialization.

A regular follow-up allows us to correct, to adapt certain technical points while respecting the initial design.

Average project duration
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