Online meeting

The STARTER method allows (in record time and through an efficient and neat creation) the visualization of your concept for its diffusion & its success. Perfect for incubating projects, and start-ups.

Immersive diagnosis

A complete diagnosis of the progress of your project and the strategic issues of the design service will be carried out during a launch meeting. The agency then puts all its experience in project management at your service.

To move quickly, the foundations of the study must be solid.


During the STARTER projects, we put in place all the creative forces of the agency through a Brainstorming. It is fast, efficient and it allows to obtain ideas and concepts at the borders of the specifications. The creative team makes it possible to make effective choices and obtain a global image necessary for the progress of the study.

Concept validation

Unlike a traditional “STUDIO” method, we will not offer you a handful of ideas, nor the design of the product that will sell the most, but rather the project that best illustrates your START-UP project and especially the project that will allow to collect around its image a maximum of adhesion.

The idea is to get a proof of concept understandable on social networks as well as on a financial office.

Concept imagery

We include in the STARTER program a set of computer generated images allowing you to create your communication tools (photo-realistic images, scenarios of uses, shelving or packaging …). This phase of imaging and / or prototyping is essential to federate around your project.

Commercial items

The launch of a STARTER product is intricatelly connected its launch on the Internet, we include in this service the realization of a simple website, from the creation of its visual identity to its launch.

This accompaniment allows to obtain a coherent overall image, allowing to set up the bases of your brand DNA.

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