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The DIGITAL offer bases its method on the hierarchy of functions. This allows your GUI to have a clear architecture for universal accessibility, while being visually impacting and desirable.

Inclusive analysis

All our studies begin with a launch meeting to analyze your specifications. This meeting with all of your project teams (management, marketing, design manager, integration manager …) is essential to put in motion a dynamic of innovation.

Our know-how is to transform your specifications into a redefinition of your need,through the construction of an interface railway, an interface architecture and the graphic definition of your brand DNA.

It is around this document that we will build the relationship between your products and their users. To design a visually appealing and intuitive interface.

User Experience

The user is at the heart of the process of creating an interface. We study the functions and their organization by importance, in order to prioritize the needs.

The creation of a navigation architecture is entirely guided by the user experience. It is through the definition of UX (User Experience) that results a rationalization of the functions and the creation of a coherent global interface.

Creative process

The definition of graphic universes must be in line with the product design and the universe in which the product is used.

We will define graphic guidelines that meets the expectations of users (a surgeon in an operating room does not have the same demand as an operator on a packaging machine).

It is by the definition of the UI (User Interface) that we can define the different visuals and look for the different targets.

This phase of work deals with the global creation of pages, but the focus of our designers is also through the creation of icons, fonts, color swatches and graphic guidelines for our customers.

Front-end development

Our mission as designers is to transfer GUI elements to the office that will take care of the integration.

Integration software, screen resolutions, deliverables and working methods vary greatly depending on needs, media and operating systems … We use the most effective software (Adobe Suite) for fast and effective transfer.

Our objective, during each of our studies, is to provide files exploitable directly by your integrators.


We will then accompany you until full integration and feature validation.

A regular follow-up from us makes it possible to correct, to adapt some technical points while respecting the initial design.

Average project duration
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